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First year Film Studies undergraduate at Oxford Brookes University. Founder and sole contributor to 'The Murmur', a twice weekly film and television blog, and a member of ShowFilmFirst's new writing team.

MOVIES: Mud – Proof that the coming-of-age tale will never die

He also draws a raw beauty from the incredible scenery. He sends his camera gliding across the landscape with an unnatural grace, as if reflective of the more magical elements of this tale. However, when the action kicks in, his camera ramps up and David Wingo’s delicate score powers into focus. These scenes, while relatively scarce, are placed in brilliantly amongst the drama and they deliver a tangible sense of urgency and danger.

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Review – Too many villains spoil the broth?

The interplay between Garfield’s Parker and Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy has been much lauded, and rightly so because they bounce off each other delightfully. They’re charming and thoroughly wholesome characters played by a pair of magnificent young actors. So why did the emotional bombshell leave me feeling cold . . . Weak performances? Not a chance. The overly-computerised visuals? Maybe. Crash-bang-wallop fatigue? Most definitely. The mass destruction just moments before had dulled me to the deafening sound of a teardrop, and that’s hugely disappointing.

'The Place Beyond the Pines' Review – Three for the Price of One

Each segment is led superbly and it would have been hard to pick a better triptych of actors. All three more than hold their own and they each bring something new to the table, whilst maintaining a through-line of classical performance. Cianfrance also draws equally impressive turns from his diverse cast of secondary actors. He provides them all with the same naturalistic dialogue he wrote so well for his previous film, ‘Blue Valentine’, and they deliver it exquisitely.